Tiranga Run

Tiranga Run, an athletic fun run, is organized by the Foundation, to increase awareness to display the National Flag involving people from all walks of life and the participants include people of all ages in different parts of the country. RUN for TIRANGA is the motto of the run, an effort to popularize our National Flag and use the Flag and it's colours in daily life.

The 'Tiranga Run' is yet another reminder of the freedom that every Indian citizen enjoys, which came at the cost of many lives during our fight for independence.

On 23rd January 2004, in a historic judgment the Honorable Supreme Court of India held that the right to fly the national flag is a fundamental right that would allow every Indian citizen to hoist the national flag on all days of the year. Mr. Naveen Jindal, therefore, strongly felt that the restrictive clause of the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, be amended. He took up the matter with the government for allowing the wearing of the Tiranga on their dresses in a respectful manner. He raised this issue in the Parliamentary Standing Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs, and with the Government of India, stating that the display of National Flag on sports gear, T-shirts and other clothing enhances respect for the flag and does not in any way disrespect it. With the passing of the Prevention of Insults to National Honor (Amendment) bill unanimously by the Parliament, in the last winter session, now under the aegis of the law every citizen, can legitimately wear, for the first time, the National Flag on clothes or caps with the tricolor printed on them in a respectful manner.

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