The current age has seen an increasing trend of nationalism and patriotism becoming mere slogans. The ‘Flag Foundation of India’ is an attempt to rekindle that spirit of nationalism. By choosing the path of striving to uphold the dignity of the Tiranga, this project aims at regenerating that sense of pride and removing those layers of hesitation which keep us from living a life of a true nationalist.

Today's education system is such that we are given all education excluding the education that generates morality, patriotism and nationalism. We are slowly forgetting the importance of the nation in our lives. We tend to take Patriotism as a trademark of the armed forces.

Since independence our brave soldiers have been laying down their lives with pride, so that, the Tricolour may fly high with dignity. Remember the time when India wins a cricket match and you wave the Indian Flag with grace and passion.

The ‘Flag Foundation of India’ is an initiative to trigger our senses. It is an attempt to strive for the up-lifting of the true sense of nationalism. The Tiranga embodies our modem democratic, secular and liberal values, which should be embraced by all Indians in their endeavor to build a strong and progressive India, which would take its rightful place in the world. To take the message of our Tiranga to every Indian, we intend to make use of all available and appropriate mediums, such as -ART AND CULTURE (Printing and photography exhibitions, Cultural programs and festivals, Performing Arts etc.), SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS and COLLABORATION with other civil society and advocacy groups, professionals, corporate houses, educationists and other like-minded individuals with a special focus on children and the youth of India. We have also installed more than 80 monumental flags across the length and breadth of the nation. The monumental flags are not lowered at the sunset and are adequately illuminated during the night. This was introduced after a policy decision by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 23rd December 2009, which allowed the National Flag to fly day and night on mammoth sized National Flags.

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