Tiranga Bangle Launch

The TIRANGA Bangles have been treated with a unique Tri-Vortex technology that uses advance science and physics (properties of sound, light and geometry),which have been shown to be beneficial for health. It is based on bio mimicry, which basically means mimicking rhythms in nature. The technology copies the formative processes of nature by using light, sound and geometry. The technology is believed to create cellular coherence, improve detoxification, accelerate healing and is naturally rejuvenating. The benefits need to be experienced by individuals in order to determine its impact.

The powerful energy fields of the TIRANGA Bangle are believed to create a flowing molecular structure that gives energy, vitality, balance and relief from pain. Individuals who have tried the bangle have shared feedback of their positive experiences. Some have experienced increased strength and better balance. Due to the bangle's unique harmonising energy, it is also believed to reduce muscle or systemic pain. It is said to be beneficial to all including athletes as well as the elderly, who lose balance in the process of moving and stabilising simultaneously. Athletes have reported significant and beneficial improvement in performance and recovery from sports injuries.

REGISTER Your Bangle

We request everyone to register by sending us an email on tirangabangle@flagfoundationofindia.in with the following details:
  • your name, email, contact number
  • your Tiranga Bangle serial number (engraved on the bangle)
  • the date
  • the city, location
  • Your comments 'how you have benefited from this TIRANGA BANGLE' (the comments can follow after few days/weeks of experience)

By registering through this email:

  • We will remind you of recharging the TIRANGA Bangle (after three years)
  • Also you will become a member of Flag Foundation of India

To know more on Tri-Vortex technology:

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