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The Flag Foundation of India was set up as a registered society under the societies registration act of 1980, a non-profit body after Mr. Naveen Jindal won a decade long court battle that enabled all Indians to display our National Flag with honour and pride at their homes, offices and factories on all days of the year.

On 23rd January 2004, after a long and hard legal battle fought by Mr. Naveen Jindal (Industrialist, sportsman & Member of Parliament), the Supreme Court of India ruled that the display of the national flag by every citizen on all days of the year, a fundamental right. Thereafter, he founded the Flag Foundation Of India, a non-governmental organization.

Every year, on 15 August , the Indian Prime Minister unfurls the Indian flag at the Red Fort to reaffirm our commitment to preserving the freedom that was won after a long struggle.

To have a meaningful and comprehensive understanding of our National Flag it is essential to understand the nature of the struggle for independence of India. As the movement progressed from the initial stages of prayer and petitions for dominion status to a mass movement for complete independence, our great leaders formulated and adopted certain principles and ideals. These principles and ideals not only gave an ideological content and direction to the movement but also provided the vision of the form that the independent Indian state would take.

The Tricolour is a common factor of inspiration for every Indian; it is indeed a true expression of pride for our mother land. To take this victory beyond pure symbolism and translate it into action, Flag Foundation Of India is undertaking various projects motivating the people of our country to draw inspiration from the National Flag and work for the betterment of the nation.


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